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Successful application of radio frequency interference detectionc adds new commercial application for equatorial constellation

(7 June 2018 - Sky and Space Global) Sky and Space Global (SAS) today announces that the 3 Diamonds nano-satellite network has successfully completed the world’s first Spectrum Monitoring operation using nano-satellites. Spectrum Monitoring is the detection and location of radio frequencies from sources on the ground and is implemented by governments and satellite operators globally as a means of mapping radiofrequency sources, network security/ stabilisation.

The 3 Diamonds were used to investigate and identify a network interference operation that was occurring within Europe on a frequency owned by a leading geo-stationary satellite communications operator.

Using its on-board software defined radio capabilities, the 3 Diamonds were able to detect and identify the source of the interference providing valuable information for the satellite operator to remediate the issue.

The successful Spectrum Monitoring has demonstrated SAS’ technical responsiveness and capabilities in radio frequency monitoring and mapping. This additional capability expands SAS’ initial target market and provides new commercial opportunities for the Company to manage this process on behalf of other satellite operators and government agencies that have observed Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) or wish to map radio-frequencies transmittance.

RFI heavily impacts the quality of service for satellite operators and their customers as it is difficult to identify and source the cause of interference, making it a significant problem and market opportunity for SAS to leverage.

The Board and Management are focused on further commercial applications for the Pearls constellation ahead of the launch in 2019 and will now look to incorporate the technology to map and monitor radio-frequencies into the Peals constellation.

Meir Moalem, Sky and Space Global MD and CEO commented: “The pioneering technology on-board our nano-satellites enabled us to identify an interference on a global satellite network. This has demonstrated the capabilities of our nano-satellites to monitor radio frequencies across a substantial area and has opened up further commercial opportunities among global satellite companies and government agencies that rely on having access to quality and clear satellite communications. We will now look to incorporate this capbility into our Pearls constellation and are confident in commercialising the Pearls based on the successful technological and commercial demonstrations with our 3 Diamonds.”

About Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global Ltd is an ASX listed (SAS) satellite company with European and Israeli centres of Aerospace, Satellite and Software Industry Experts.

The Company’s core business is to operate a communications infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and develop highly sophisticated software systems that will deploy, maintain orbit control and handle the communication network in space to provide a global coverage. The Company successfully launched its first three nanosatellites, the ‘3 Diamonds’, into space in June 2017 and is preparing for the launch of a constellation of 200 more nanosatellites by 2020.

The Company’s vision is to provide affordable communication coverage and services to anyone, anywhere, anytime with relatively low maintenance costs. This will enable Sky and Space Global to deliver cost-effective communications infrastructure and services to those who need it most and to disrupt the telecommunications and international transport industries. Sky and Space Global Ltd owns 100% of Sky and Space Global (UK) Limited.