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SC Group improves fleet operations with Thaicom Nava maritime broadband service

(22 June 2018 - Thiacom) Thaicom and its distributor Ship Expert Technology Company Limited, have signed an agreement with SC Group, a leading Asian provider of integrated logistics, to collaborate on the joint development of a maritime communication network service.

SC Group’s fleet of more than 30 offshore support vessels will be equipped with the new Nava service to enhance fleet operations and optimize operational efficiency.

Anant Kaewruamvongs, CEO of Thaicom, commented: “The Asia Pacific region is home to one of the fastest growing maritime markets in the world. We look forward to providing SC Group with a cost-effective maritime network service on the Thaicom Nava maritime service platform. The service will support SC Group owned vessels with a truly world-class, integrated fleet management solution. The maritime communication network service will be integrated with our recently launched Nava Connect fleet management solution.”

The fleet management solution will be powered by the Thaicom Nava FTTS (Fibre-to-the-Ship) platform which is able to support very high data rates and provide constantly high bandwidth for operational efficiency with wide area satellite coverage across Asia Pacific. Nava FTTS also helps crew keep connected and incorporates an L-band backup solution.

“Connectivity is the key enabler of smart shipping and the digital transformation in the maritime sector”, said Mr. Surachai Nimnual, Executive Vice President, Marine, SC Group. “Asia’s maritime industry is adopting digital technology at a fast pace. The Thaicom Nava service and integrated fleet management solution on board our ships will help us to remain competitive and improve the efficiency of our offshore support business. The integrated fleet management solution will also support crew welfare and enable crew to use online services or call their families at home by using their own mobile devices at sea.”

Miss Suttathip Hemthanon CEO of Ship Expert Technology Company Limited, said: “We are proud to partner with Thaicom. Our in-depth understanding of the maritime industry and fleet operations will help accelerate the commercial rollout of Nava and serve the fast growing maritime market in Asia.”

Nava is Thaicom’s new maritime broadband service platform for ship and offshore operators in Asia. With the launch of the service earlier this year, Thaicom is expanding its broadband service platform to support the maritime industry’s digital transformation. Nava helps the maritime industry to meet the increasing data demand at sea, enables efficient vessel operations, and connects crew and passengers to high-speed internet anywhere and anytime.

About Thaicom

Thaicom Public Company Limited, a leading Asian satellite operator, was established in 1991. The Company was the first to launch a broadband satellite in the world, and is a leader in developing integrated solutions for satellite broadband and broadcast services. The Company’s engineering teams provide leading-edge, innovative solutions for satellite-based telecommunications services. Since its establishment the Company has launched 8 satellites. Thaicom satellites board more than 900 TV channels both in SD and HD formats. Thaicom 8, the company’s latest satellite, was launched in May 2016 to expand Thaicom’s servicing capacity and footprint in Asia and Africa. Thaicom is traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the trade symbol “THCOM”.

About SC Group

The SC Group is one of Thailand’s leading experts in integrated logistics. Its services range from the transportation of petroleum, natural gas (CNG/NGV), chemical products, and automobiles to general cargo both by land and sea. The Group has its own comprehensive transport network, integrating freight cars, cargo ships and piers, warehouses for general merchandisers, liquid chemicals, and LPG, dockyards, and other maritime services related to shipping, such as pilot boats, tug boats, emergency rescue, oil spill cleanup, and offshore supply vessels. Today, the SC Group comprises over 20 subsidiaries, 40 branch offices, and 3,000 skilled employees, making it the country’s largest logistics network, with service covering almost all parts of the country, and generating an annual income of over six billion baht. Since its establishment, the Group has made major contributions to the growth of Thailand’s petrochemical-related logistics sector, with over 1,300 trucks carrying oil and natural gas. Drivers are monitored by a road safety control system along all transport routes. The Group also maintains a fleet of over 170 vessels, ranging from cargo ships to tug boats.

About Ship Expert Technology Company Limited

ShipExpert is an innovative marine ITES company, focused in providing: efficient, reliable, economical and purposeful software solutions and services to the global maritime industry. Highly satisfied customers in: India, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Philippines and Germany.