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Teledyne Paradise Datacom unveils latest release of its SCPC Platform Q-NET, ‘The Software Defined Network’

(25 June 2018 - Teledyne Paradise Datacom) This week, Teledyne Paradise Datacom will be unveiling new capabilities for its popular Q-Net modems that liberate users from being shackled to one network topology or another, allowing a single building block for any type of network.

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The Q-NET bandwidth management platform from Paradise creates a "Software Defined Network" (SDN). (courtesy: Teledyne Paradise Datacom)

Q-NET allows users to create secure, resilient software defined networks (SDNs). SDN technology solves a problem created by the changing ways in which people access and use data. In the past, networks were largely static and a user mainly interacted with a specific server. The advent of cloud computing and mobile computing has changed all this and requires a different approach.

A virtualization layer within Q-NET abstracts the hardware, making it easy to dynamically provision network resources as required. For example, part of the network could be dynamically changed from star to mesh operation or from point-to-point to point-to-multipoint. This, combined with explicit support for SDN protocols (specifically supporting SD-WAN), gives the potential for the satellite network to be managed and controlled using the same network management tools used for the terrestrial portion of the network. This has the benefit of creating seamless user traffic management and delivery over both terrestrial and satellite assets from a centralized control system.

Q-NET is the first satellite network of its type in the industry to adopt a software defined networking approach – something that is now becoming commonplace in the wider IT world.

Colin Mackay, Vice President of Engineering (Satellite Modems) commented, “Our users require secure, resilient networks and we will continue to develop features that meet these specific needs. In addition, it has been clear for some time that the idea of a fixed network is dead. We already provide a lot of flexibility through our software-defined modems, enabling a ‘single building block for any type of network’ approach, which is frankly unique. Now, by adding support for Software Defined Networks, our users can integrate all their network assets, both terrestrial and satellite, seamlessly under a common control system.”

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