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VORAGO Technologies HARDSIL technology launched for operation in sun-synchronous orbit

(3 December 2018 - VORAGO Technologies) VORAGO Technologies, a leading provider of flight-proven radiation-hardened embedded systems technology, today announced that nine CMOS silicon die, based upon patented and proven HARDSIL technology, were launched on the Spaceflight Industries “SmallSat Express” to operate in Sun-synchronous orbit.

Microcontroller and SRAM memory devices based upon VORAGO’s HARDSIL technology will be used in the second phase of an important science study, sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory and hosted on the STPSat-5 experiment payload by the Air Force Space and Missle System Center Space Test Payload group and NASA. The electronics module was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and built by the COSMIAC Research Center at the University of New Mexico.

In the first phase of the experiment, the same nine HARDSIL CMOS die were sent to the International Space Station where they have been operating flawlessly since February 2016. The experiment is now being repeated in Sun-synchronous orbit. The purpose of the mission is to study the frequency and effect of high energy particle strikes on CMOS memory devices in space. An array of HARDSIL based memory chips is monitored and controlled by a VORAGO Technologies ARM Corex-M0 based microcontroller.

“We are delighted to continue our participation in this important science experiment,” said Bernd Lienhard, chief executive officer of VORAGO Technologies. “Our products have proved to operate very effectively in orbit and we are continuing to build upon our successful flight heritage of HARDSIL based products”.

A third phase of the experiment is planned with a mission to geosynchronous orbit based upon the same HARDSIL-enabled chipset.
About VORAGO Technologies

VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, high-technology company based in Austin, TX with patented and proven solutions for extreme temperature and radiation environments. Semiconductor device operation in an extreme radiation environment is enabled by the use of VORAGO’s HARDSIL technology.