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Kratos demonstrates fully automated roaming capability between diverse satellites, service providers and gateways

(4 February 2019 - Kratos) Kratos RT Logic has successfully demonstrated the ability to roam among heterogeneous networks and optimize wideband satellite communications (SATCOM) with Enterprise Management and Control (M&C).

Enterprise M&C improves the effectiveness of the DoD’s critical SATCOM infrastructure by enhancing resilience and protecting access through path diversity, speeding resource allocation times and improving bandwidth efficiency.

The prototype Enterprise M&C system was implemented in conjunction with a multi-band U.S. government satellite communication terminal and gateway equipment representative of current U.S. government infrastructure. The Enterprise M&C demonstration enabled secure communications across multiple operator networks, and successfully highlighted the following functions:

  • Rapid, automated access to multiple satellites and satellite networks, operated by multiple service providers
  • Control of multiple modem types and software versions within a single terminal
  • Terminal reconfiguration to support diverse SATCOM architectures, including Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) networks
  • Flexible ground networking using Digital Intermediate Frequency (IF)

“This demonstration of roaming architected by Kratos is an efficient way to improve capacity, capabilities and resiliency,” said Mike Rice, Vice President of Satellite Ground Systems at Kratos. “It proved that minor modifications to existing government terminals can create the ability to seamlessly cross between commercial and DoD SATCOM resources of various types. It is a straightforward way for the U.S. government to effectively increase access for the warfighter without replacing or adding new terminals.”

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