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Wavestream announces the first in a series of Ka-band solutions for LEO/MEO gateway market

(20 February 2019 - Wavestream) Wavestream, a world leader in the design and manufacture of next generation high-power solid-state amplifiers, announced today the first in a series of Ka-band solutions for LEO/MEO gateway market.

Wavestream has released an industry-leading Ka-band 160W Peak Envelope Power BUC for LEO/MEO gateway applications. The new BUC provides 65W of linear power. Leveraging Wavestream’s patented Spatial advantEdge technology, this new gateway-focused BUC reaches power levels that could previously be achieved only by traveling wave tube amplifiers. Using the latest in GaN chips, Wavestream BUCs provide best-in-class performance with the smallest SWaP.

The 160W BUC provides major technical and operational advantages for satellite operators with global LEO/MEO constellations.

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(courtesy: Wavestream)

“As satellite operators move to low orbit constellations, the market is demanding innovative solutions with high volume manufacturing, to support a significant growth in the number of ground teleports,” said Bob Huffman, General Manager at Wavestream. “As the industry leader in Ka-band SSPAs, Wavestream is now at the forefront of providing new state-of-the-art solid state power amplifier technology to meet these customer needs.”

SSPA technology provides a lower total cost of ownership and far better fielded MTBF data than legacy traveling tube wave amplifiers. This enhanced reliability is a critical requirement for LEO/MEO networks with hundreds of gateways in remote locations that cannot be easily serviced.

Following this first solution, Wavestream intends to release additional lower and higher power solutions for the evolving LEO/MEO Gateway market.