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Integrasys launches link budget tool

(21 February 2019 - Integrasys) Integrasys has announced the launch of an easy-to-use link budget tool, Beam Budget.

Beam Budget drastically reduces the complexity surrounding link budget calculations. It makes it simple for anyone to perform link budget calculations, which are a vital way of accounting for gains and losses on any given satellite link. The results are displayed in an easy-to-understand format and can be exported as excel and pdf reports as required, and customized with the user logo and information.

Beam Budget is a highly accurate link budget tool and is able to provide more than 75 results from just 25 inputs, where most tools require at least 50. It covers every modulation and is available for any frequency band. A web-based tool that can be accessed anywhere, it can be easily scaled for unlimited users, networks, and satellites.

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(courtesy: Integrasys)

Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys, commented: “Processing and reviewing link budget calculations is extremely complex and requires expert knowledge. Our tool is democratizing link budget, making it accessible for anyone within the organisation, as well as making it easy for stakeholders to understand. This ultimately helps our customers to be efficient and maximise return on investment and materializing new business with users not in the satellite arena.”

Beam Budget can be used by satellite operators when establishing new satellite networks or quoting for new business. At the same time it can be used by satellite customers, giving them the peace of mind knowing that the service quoted will be the correct choice. This tool minimizes time and effort while maximizing return on investment thanks to new sales generated by a much simpler quoting system.

About Integrasys

Founded in 1990 by Hewlett Packard engineers, Integrasys specialises in providing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and broadcast markets. Its solutions enable fast and efficient installation and monitoring, helping reduce both errors and cost.

Integrasys is a fast growing company which it has been awarded with the most innovative technology award in 2018 at Satellite show by WTA; it has increased 30% in revenue each year during the last three years, and last year it has tripled its profit.