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Space Newsfeed is published by Microcom Systems Ltd, consultants in satellite communications and space technology. Further information is available on the Microcom Systems website at

Space Newsfeed ( is a news website focussing on the professional space industry covering everything from professional astronomy to satellite communications.

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Space Newsfeed publishes between thirty and a hundred news stories per week, primarily based on press releases. We choose what we think is relevent and interesting to our readers who are almost exclusively professionals and managers in the industry. We are mainly interested in new products, research, new contracts, technology, discoveries and key people.

We aim to cover stories within a day or two of them breaking. In general we do not publish stories that are more than a week old.

Although we are based in the UK we publish stories from all over the world. Our readership is also global with readers in just about every country from Greenland to China, though our largest readership is in the USA.

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last updated 16 March 2017