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Kanematsu partners with Vector Launch to expand the availability of small launch vehicles throughout Japan and other Asian markets

(14 March 2018 - Vector Launch) On the heels of its strategic investment in Vector made in January 2017, Kanematsu Corporation (KG) has entered into an exclusive representative agreement with Vector to sell its products and services in Japan and three Asian countries including India, Thailand and South Korea.

Based on the execution of this representative agreement, KG will provide customers with services stimulating demand for micro-satellite launch throughout Asia.

"The commercial space industry is booming and Vector has seen a significant increase in demand for small satellite launch services leading up to our orbital launch," said Shaun Coleman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and GM of Space Data Systems of Vector. "With many new launch service opportunities materializing across Asia, we are looking forward to establishing a presence in the region through our partnership with KG."

Despite growing demand in the micro satellite launch market, customers today can only launch these micro satellites using heavy, large launch vehicles, often waiting years for their launch. Vector changes the way companies access space by providing a service dedicated to small satellites that enables customers to launch their 10 – 150kg class micro satellites into a desired orbit at their preferred timing, at a much lower cost.

About Vector

Founded by the original founding team of SpaceX, Vector is a disruptive company that connects space startups and innovators with dedicated, affordable and reliable launch services, enabling platforms and vehicles to access space efficiently and in a more optimized way than ever before possible.

About Kanematsu

Kanematsu Corporation, Japan's major trading company having 129 years of history, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. By multiplying business networks in Japan and overseas with extensive experience in general trading, information-gathering, market cultivation, business incubation and project-forming, risk management and logistics, Kanematsu is committed to creating new businesses as a value creator. Kanematsu is supplying varied products and services in a wide range of businesses including electronics, foods, steel, plant, vehicles & aerospace.