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Alpha Space names leader in space commercialization as new President and CEO

(16 March 2018 - Alpha Space) Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, a commercial space and advanced technology company offering environmental exposure testing in space, has named Mark Gittleman as its new president and chief operating officer.

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Mark Gittleman, known for his leadership in space commercialization, joins Alpha Space as its president and CEO. (courtesy: Alpha Space)

“Alpha Space has successfully built and integrated the MISSE platform to conduct commercial research at the ISS, and we are ready for our maiden launch onboard SpaceX-14’s resupply mission. With our first launch in reach, we are delighted to welcome Mark to Alpha Space as its new leader,” stated Alpha Space owner and board chairman Stephanie Murphy. “Mark has a rich and extensive history with commercial space, and he will bring great value to the company and to the materials science and advanced technologies communities going forward.”

“I am thrilled to join Alpha Space during this exciting time for both the company and space commercialization,” stated incoming president and CEO Mark Gittleman. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to lead this great team, and I’m excited about Alpha Space’s future and the growth of commercial space activities.”

As president and CEO, Gittleman will be responsible for leading the company into new commercial and NASA space endeavors while fostering the evolution and utilization of the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) flight facility.

Gittleman previously served as executive vice president at Intuitive Machines, LLC, as a group vice president within Oceaneering International’s Subsea Products business segment, and as the vice president and general manager of Oceaneering Space Systems.

About Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance

Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance (Alpha Space) is a woman- and minority-owned advanced technology company serving the Materials Science community with on-orbit, real-time pure materials science research. Alpha Space’s program, MISSE, is the first facility in the world to offer pure materials science research to the commercial sector. MISSE provides unparalleled testing and data collection for both passive and active material samples in the extreme environment of low earth orbit with sample return to earth for post-mission processing.