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Aerial & Maritime to scale up ADS-B data nanosatellite network

(16 November 2017 - Aerial & Maritime) Aerial & Maritime Ltd (A&M) has secured an investment of 5,0 million USD from a group of investors to scale up the nanosatellite network from 4 to 8 satellites offering near real-time ADS-B and AIS data for airline and ship tracking in the equatorial region. The company has now secured a total funding of 12,2 million USD.

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The investment will provide the means to expand the constellation with more satellites, allowing additional value generation to customers and end-users, based on more frequent coverage. For example, improved air traffic monitoring services that will meet the near real-time tracking requirements to be imposed on all aircraft by new ICAO standards coming into force within the coming years.

A&M will become the first to offer an operational nanosatellite based system for air traffic monitoring with a market pricing that reflects the much lower cost base of the nanosatellite approach over bigger and more expensive traditional satellites.

This investment secures A&M a solid foundation from which it can accelerate the development of its plans to scale the service offering from equatorial coverage starting in 2018 to full global coverage with an estimated total of 80 nanosatellites in different orbits by 2021.

“Following positive customer feedback, A&M has decided to improve the service by expanding the equatorial constellation from 4 to 8 satellites. This will enable near real-time data for ship and airplane monitoring, making airline customers compliant with the new ICAO requirements a full three years ahead of schedule” says Karsten Ingemann, CEO of A&M.

The satellites are being developed and manufactured by GomSpace A/S in Denmark and the program is fully on track with the first complete satellite currently undergoing extensive test and verification activities ahead of production scale up for the program.

About Aerial & Maritime

Aerial & Maritime was established in October 2015 as a limited liability company.

The main shareholders of the company are GS Sweden AB and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU).

The Company’s head office is located in Mauritius with subsidiaries and offices in Ghana and Denmark as well. Aerial & Maritime will be offering a nanosatellite-based service for monitoring aircrafts and maritime vessels in a region spanning from latitudes 37 degrees Northern through 37 degrees Southern Latitude.

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