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Perigee Aerospace to launch from Southern Launch's site in Australia

(30 September 2019 - Southern Launch) Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp has welcomed the signing of a Launch Facilities Agreement with South Korean rocket company Perigee Aerospace.

Signatories are Mr Damp and Perigee CEO Mr Yoon Shin.

The agreement was signed in Adelaide today, an event Mr Damp says signals an “exciting new phase” in the development of Southern Launch.

In signing the agreement, Mr Shin has expressed Perigee Aerospace’s intention to utilise Southern Launch’s rocket launch facility, to be developed on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Perigee Aerospace is a leading orbital launch vehicle manufacturer in South Korea, currently developing the small launch vehicle Blue Whale, designed to lift small satellites into low altitude, high inclination orbits. These orbits are useful for weather, remote-sensing and imaging satellites. Those applications are increasingly in demand for commercial, scientific and defence purposes alike.

Blue Whale will be a small, efficient launch vehicle, designed to carry payloads of up to 50 kilograms. Perigee Aerospace already has multiple customers signed.

Mr Damp described Perigee Aerospace as a “great company and a perfect partner for Southern Launch”.

“Perigee Aerospace shares our key values of efficient operations and high levels of safety for both the public and the environment,” he said, "and this signing establishes a partnership based on trust and implicit understandings about their usage of our launch site.

 “We welcome them not just to Southern Launch, but to South Australia and its burgeoning space industry.

“This partnership is a great demonstration of what Southern Launch can bring to the local industry. It’s an exciting development.”

Mr Shin stated that, “The unique launch capability offered by Southern Launch is a perfect match for our micro-lift rocket. We look forward to launching our rocket from Australia in the near future.”

The first test launch of a Perigee Aerospace rocket from Southern Launch’s facility is planned for 2020.

About Perigee Aerospace

Based in Daejeon, South Korea, Perigee Aerospace Inc. is developing mass production and rapid launch capabilities to provide affordable access to space for the fast-growing small satellite industry. The company is currently developing the Blue Whale micro launch vehicle, which will carry small satellites into Sun-Synchronous Orbit by the end of 2021 from South Australia. Started in 2012, Perigee Aerospace began by developing and launching numerous sounding rockets for meteorological research by the Korean government. In 2018 and 2019 the company received two rounds of venture capital backing from some of South Korea’s leading technology investors including Samsung Venture Investments and LB Investment (a subsidiary of LG) to support the development of Blue Whale. The company is also supported by KAIST, South Korea’s top technical research institution.

About Southern Launch

Southern Launch is an innovative Australian space company located in Adelaide, the home of the Australian Space Agency. Southern Launch is developing the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex on the southern coastline of South Australia to address an identified emerging gap in the orbital rocket launch market. From Whalers Way, rockets will be launched southwards out over the Great Australian Bight, an area with a very low surrounding population density, no delicate marine environments under the flight path, and minimal air and maritime traffic. With these advantages, Whalers Way will enable rocket manufacturers from around the world to launch their small rockets more frequently and more safely than any other multi-user space launch facility.