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One step closer to global coverage for IoT devices: Lacuna Space and Miromico announce collaboration

(25 November 2019 - Lacuna Space) Lacuna Space, a provider for connectivity everywhere, and Miromico, a global leader for the design and production of wireless products for the Internet of Things (IoT), have signed a collaboration agreement for the development and easy provision of 'space ready’ and off-the-shelf communications devices using ultra low-power and low-cost satellite links.

Following successful tests conducted this year the first commercial trials with Miromico devices and selected enterprise clients of the Swiss company in agriculture, environmental monitoring or asset tracking are starting in 2020. By using LoRa, the de-facto standard for low power wireless IoT, the life-time of battery operated IoT devices can be increased by years, saving operation and maintenance cost. The mutual use of LoRa also allowed Miromico to easily and quickly adapt their hardware and connect directly to Lacuna Space's satellite.

one 1

Miromico's Lacuna devices (courtesy: Lacuna Space)

one 2

Lacuna Space's first satellite (courtesy: Lacuna Space)

"A low-cost and low-power satellite link like Lacuna Space's technology built directly into every smart device will ignite a second IoT revolution," said Marcel Wappler, head of IoT & LPWAN at Miromico. "We are facing a skyrocketing but yet unmet demand for smart devices with low power, affordable, and global connectivity. The lack of global connectivity is holding back endless applications. Some of which will help to solve the most difficult challenges of our times such as enabling solar powered local grids in South America and elsewhere, improving agricultural yield, or tracking the global flow of goods or assets and monitor their carbon footprint. Together with Lacuna Space we can begin to meet that demand.”

In parallel to the field tests the two companies will develop a global distribution chain giving customers a simple way to buy modems, firmware, antennas and devices that will enable them to use the Lacuna Network. Semiconductor specialist Avnet Silica is working with Miromico to give easy access to IoT hardware. The first phase of the deployment of the Lacuna Network will be its constellation of 36 small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) by the end of 2022. Orbiting at 500km above the earth’s surface, the Lacuna Space Network will provide ubiquitous communication for billions of new wireless IoT devices everywhere in the world including areas of no connectivity.

“We have been really impressed by Miromico and their depth of knowledge with LoRa devices was of great importance," said Rob Spurrett, CEO and co-founder of Lacuna Space. "We are being very selective in our choice of initial partners for the development of our devices because these first steps are vital for us. Once the satellite constellation becomes operational, the demand will scale really quickly. In Miromico we have found a company that can match those demands.”

The devices on the Lacuna Network will seamlessly integrate with any LoRaWAN (long range wide area network) network on the ground within reach. The LoRa-based space gateway on each satellite also uses the LoRaWAN communication protocol to receive short data messages from IoT sensors on the ground or at sea. This will provide the uninterrupted connectivity that is needed between terrestrial LPWAN (low power wide area networks).

About Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space, located in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, provides low-cost, easy and reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. The company provides a low cost tracking and detection service for short data messaging based on LoRaWAN that is ubiquitous. The service works everywhere, and all the time, enabling companies to gather data from remote sensors or tracking the status of moving assets.

About Miromico

Miromico is a Swiss-based global leader for the design and production of OEM and customer-specific Wireless IoT products, systems and the design of High-Speed mixed signal ASICs. Among its customers and partners are multiple global brands like Avnet Silica, ST Micro, Renesas, IBM, Semtech, Quectel, or WWF. Miromico’s product range includes gateways, sensors, actuators and systems suitable for various networks such as LoRaWAN, SigFox, NB-IoT, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, Z-WAVE, EnOcean, WIFI, RFID/NFC and other large-scale proprietary network technologies. Miromico is one of the few suppliers of OEM LoRaWAN radio modules and LoRaWAN gateways worldwide.