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Successful activation of the Argos Neo payload on the ANGELS satellite

(23 January 2020 - Syrlinks) The Argos Neo payload, a key part of the demonstration ANGELS satellite, has been successfully switched on by CNES.

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The Argos Neo payload (courtesy: Syrlinks)

The first payload developed by Syrlinks

Syrlinks, designer and manufacturer of the Argos Neo payload, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, is proud of this achievement. This payload is the first one developed by the company. Thanks to the successful launch and activation of this product, Syrlinks has strengthened its position on the NewSpace market, guaranteeing a high level of reliability for the future Kinéis constellation.

Syrlinks expands its RF product offering with payloads

As part of this project, Syrlinks has, in the same time, expanded its range of space radiocommunication products by offering more advanced functions. Payloads development is fully in line with Syrlinks’ strategy which aims to increase its RF range of products. Syrlinks is now positioned as a leader in radiocommunication equipment embedded on nanosatellites.

The future Kinéis nanosatellites constellation will take advantage of experiencegained on this demonstration mission. This new constellation dedicated to IoT will offer a geolocation service and a global satellite connectivity.

The payloads designed and supplied by Syrlinks will collect data from the beacons and transmit it to ground stations. Thanks to the miniaturization of the components, these instruments weigh only 2kg and perform the same functions as larger instruments of the previous generation.

The first activation of the instrument took place on January 9th this year and aimed to test the electronic aspects of the equipment following the launch and orbit placement of the ANGELS satellite. During this test, a beacon was detected when the satellite passed over the telemetry station of Kergulen islands, in the southern Indian Ocean. The payload test was beyond the expected results. A message was received from an Argos beacon installed on a Japanese fishing boat, sailing off the coast of Australia. All of the data collected was forwarded to the Fairbanks station in Alaska.

Syrlinks, with this new range of upgradable products, has already been asked to participate in new space IoT projects.

About Syrlinks

Syrlinks designs, manufactures and markets high performance radiocommunication and geolocation equipment in the fields of space, defense, security and time-frequency. Its products are internationally renowned for their robustness, their performance, their miniature size and their low energy consumption. Syrlinks works with prestigious clients and partners such as Airbus, Oneweb, the CNES (the French national agency for space studies), the European Space Agency (ESA), Thales Alenia Space, and Nexeya.

The company, founded in 2011 near Rennes, employs around a hundred people.

For its first space contract, Syrlinks participated in 2012 in the development of the CNES Myriade Evolutions platform’s radio links for Earth observation missions. The popularity of Syrlinks was also based on the Rosetta space mission, initiated by the ESA, aimed at exploring Comet Tchouri. Syrlinks team designed and manufactured the wireless communication systems connecting the Rosetta probe to the Philae robot-lander.