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Soyuz-5 rocket engine experimental works commenced

(12 February 2020 - Roscosmos) Voronezh Center for Rocket Engine Manufacturing (NPO Energomash integrated rocket manufacturing structure, part of Roscosmos) started experimental works to create a four-chamber engine RD-0124MS for the second stage of the Soyuz-5 Russian perspective carrier rocket developed by RSC Progress (part of Roscosmos).

Design and development works included two successful test firings of the first propulsion unit with a shortened nozzle. The tests confirmed working sustainability of the combustion chamber under low pressure. This mode of RD-0124MS is included in its design as part of a carrier rocket.

In parallel with analyzing the results, the specialists also getting ready to test the second propulsion unit. The early tests will provide the calculations necessary to test the engine assembly and define its characteristics in accordance with the current technical design specification.

Viktor Gorokhov, Chief Designer: ‘We took RD-0124A with the thrust level of 30 tons, one of the most efficient rocket engines, as a prototype for the new development. This engine is now used in the Angara rockets family, a modified version is also used in the Soyuz-2 rockets. A maximum unification of the designs will allow substantial cost-cutting.’

RD-0124MS engine is a new Russian engine with the thrust level of 60 tons using naphthyl and liquid oxygen as fuel components. The engine consists of two units placed on a single frame with common heatshield. Each includes two diagonally placed combustion chambers. The engine provides chamber swinging in two directions, as well as workability in the case one unit shuts down.