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SpaceBridge delivers large scale cellular backhaul over satellite platfrom to the largest MNO in Africa

(10 March 2020 - SpaceBridge) SpaceBridge was selected and delivered its solution for 2G/4G mobile cellular backhaul over satellite network to the African largest mobile network operator (MNO) for servicing the unserved remote areas and replace currently installed technology.

The delivered satellite backhauling solution, equipped with SpaceBridge’s WaveSwitch patented technology offering VSAT stations that on-a-fly can switch between SCPC, A-SCPC or MF-TDMA waveforms. The integration between SpaceBridge satellite platform, eNodeB terrestrial equipment and the MNO allows the satellite band to adjust to the cellular traffic growth. Such flexibility will enable the population to receive the adequate service for years to come and at the same time at better transmission quality, providing faster Internet access for sending pictures, videos, texts and superior voice communications.

For MNO, various communication protocols, network security, Abis/GTP traffic optimization and TCP acceleration inside the GTP tunnels are important features required for successful 2G/4G deployment. SpaceBridge embedded optimization software allowed for space segment savings of up to 35%, as well as the use of Layer 2 and the ability to prioritize data transmission between Control Plane, Management protocols and user traffic with a large amount of packets per second as key features of SpaceBridge Cellular Backhaul equipment that allowed the mobile operator to fully meet its network growth requirements.

About SpaceBridge

Founded in 1988, SpaceBridge Inc., is an established supplier and global market leader in multiservice broadband satellite communications systems solutions. Previously known as Advantech SatNet, a division of Advantech Wireless Inc., and comprised essentially from amalgamation of Spar Aerospace/EMS Technologies’ SatNet division and Spacebridge Networks, the company after divestiture of RF business took back the SpaceBridge name to better reflect its current core business focus. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, SpaceBridge is well positioned to meet the demands of today’s global market, with worldwide sales and support offices focused on an unwavering commitment to our customers’ experiences, combined with innovative, award-winning, advanced technologies. The company develops and provides satellite network equipment and cloud based managed services, including VSAT platforms, HUBs and Terminals for Point-to-Multi-Point and Mesh topologies, as well as SCPC Point-to-Point for High-Throughput GEO, MEO and LEO satellites (HTS) and constellations and broadcast Multistream DVB-S2X multiplexors/modulators and professional demodulators/de-multiplexors.