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Paradigm’s MANTA terminal qualified on IntelsatOne Flex

(31 March 2020 - Paradigm) Paradigm is pleased to announce that their versatile, high speed satcoms-on-the-move and satcoms-on-the-pause MANTA terminal is now approved and fully qualified on the high-throughput IntelsatOne FlexGround network.

On FlexGround, the MANTA will now be able to provide even greater throughput than previously available, dynamically accessing bandwidth where it is most needed without the operator needing to manage multiple beams and satellite.

The MANTA is a field-proven Ku-Band complete solution designed for both static and mobile satellite communications. It is a single-case carry and is simple to operate in minutes. No pointing is required and there are no moving parts … you just add power.

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(courtesy: Paradigm)

With the MANTA+ option, users can also connect to both satellite and 3G/4G/LTE networks; so over multiple locations the terminal will seamlessly switch from terrestrial to satellite, ensuring constant connectivity and least cost routing. The MANTA’s integrated PIM technology also provides crucial connectivity situational awareness for the user, allowing full control over satellite selection and operation of the terminal and simplifying satellite operations.

The PIM is Paradigm’s environmentally rugged terminal controller, able to integrate all major modem types and designed to provide a common level of operation to all satellite terminals. Intelsat’s FlexGround service combines global availability, high data rates and flexible, pay-as-you-go plans for rapid, cost-efficient connectivity around the world – even in the most austere environments.

Specifically designed to deliver operational agility for COTM/COTP, Mobile Military and Emergency Responder communications, it provides the optimal solution for mobility without sacrificing speed.

Jon Godfrey, General Manager at Paradigm commented “the versatile, easy-to-use and field-proven MANTA terminal together with the high-throughput FlexGround network will make a powerful combination.”

About Paradigm

Paradigm provides state-of-the-art satcom solutions, making satellite communication simple for everyone. Military & Government, NGOs and Commercial & Enterprise customers are all supported with easy-to-use, cost-effective and state-of-the-art global satellite communication solutions.

Paradigm has extensive engineering experience designing, manufacturing and delivering customised satellite terminals and earth stations for a wide range of industries and sectors, developing close relationships with customers, and giving valuable insight into their key requirements.

Paradigm is a UK-based, independent and privately owned company with Europe’s largest satcom warehouse. Incorporating an extensive logistics capability, Paradigm is able to deliver extremely efficient and cost-effective global services and unique solutions, from the provision of satcom equipment and terminals to the design and installation of complete turnkey systems.