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Syrlinks selected by Thales Alenia Space for Omnispace’s first space and ground 5G network

(27 May 2020 - Syrlinks) Syrlinks has been selected by prime contractor Thales Alenia Space to collaborate in the construction of the first two satellites for the Omnispace’s low earth orbit constellation.

syrlinks 1

Omnispace project artist view (courtesy: Thales Alenia Space)

Syrlinks, which develops radiocommunication systems for space and defense, will contribute to this project by manufacturing the S-band instruments of the payloads integrated in the first two satellites of the Omnispace constellation.

This first set of non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellites, scheduled for a launch in 2021, will help to establish the design, capability and capacity of the future Omnispace constellation.

Thales Alenia Space and Syrlinks are currently collaborating on the design of payloads dedicated to data collection, in particular for the Argos NEO demonstration mission on board of CNES’ ANGELS satellite. They are also working together on the Kinéis constellation of nano-satellites dedicated to the Internet of Things. Syrlinks was chosen for its expertise in the design of miniature radiocommunication equipment embedded on small satellite platforms and for its mastery of the NewSpace reference system.

First Global Hybrid Communications Network for 5G

Omnispace plans to redefine mobile communications by delivering the first global hybrid 5G communications network. The network will combine a global NSGO satellite footprint with terrestrial wireless networks to create a seamless “one global network.”

The satellites in Omnispace’s constellation will connect to user’s terminals with low-cost omnidirectional antennas, similar to those in mobile phones and other consumer devices.

Syrlinks and Thales Alenia Space are working together on the payloads of this constellation

Syrlinks is proud to collaborate with Thales Alenia Space in the design of payloads intended for the satellites of the Omnispace constellation.

syrlinks 2

Data collect payload (courtes: Syrlinks)

For this project, Syrlinks will be able to highlight its technical expertise in the space field to provide miniature payloads on board of the nano satellites. Syrlinks’ solutions meet the expectations of the space market because they consume little energy, are easily reconfigurable and their cost is controlled.

Syrlinks recently provided the payload for the Argos NEO demonstration mission. The success of its activation and in-flight operation has enabled Syrlinks to demonstrate its payload expertise and mastery of Newspace.

The payloads will soon be deployed on a larger scale on the Kinéis constellation composed of 25 nanosatellites.

Mass production at Syrlinks

For more than three years, Syrlinks has made changes in its organization and its means to move towards a model of mass production of space products for the Newspace market. The company has therefore invested in new tools and production to meet all of its customers requests in France and abroad.

About Syrlinks

Syrlinks designs, manufactures and markets high performance radiocommunication and geolocation equipment in the fields of space, defense, security and time-frequency. Its products are outstanding and internationally renowned for their robustness, their performance, their miniature size and their low energy consumption. Syrlinks works with prestigious clients and partners such as Airbus, Oneweb, the CNES (the French national agency for space studies), the European Space Agency (ESA), Thales Alenia Space, and Hemeria.

The company, founded in 2011 near Rennes, employs around a hundred people.