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SpacePharma's DIDO-3 CubeSat to launch on Vega on 19th June

(12 June 2020 - SpacePharma) The DIDO-3 CubeSat, a joint project by Italian and Israeli space agencies, will launch on a VEGA launcher from Kourou in French Guyanna on Friday June 19th at 3h51 CET.

The satellite will perform four experiments for researchers in universities and research institutions. For each project an Italian team and an Israeli team work together.

The DIDO-3 satellite is a 3U-Plus cube-sat which includes a SPMG-2 type SpacePharma laboratory module, as well as a set of solar panels and avionics to facilitate lab operation when in orbit.

The goal of the satellite is to facilitate lab operation in orbit, and to provide the scientists on ground control of their experiments in orbit by communicating results (downlink) and commands (uplink) to and from Space-Pharma’s ground station, The miniaturized laboratory includes four reservoirs for each experiment, a microscope and spectrometer.

The four experiments are dedicated to:

  • Study the effect of microgravity on antibiotic resistance and bacterial virulence
  • Pharmacokinetics of drug absorption in the body
  • Kinetics of complex formation in nuclei acids, to help provide insight about cell division, aging phenomena and gene expression.
  • Investigate the action of antimicrobial agents on bacterial pathogens

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