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Global Invacom appoints Malcolm Burrell as Chief Technology Officer

(25 June 2020 - Global Invacom) Global Invacom has appointed Malcolm Burrell as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with immediate effect.

Mr Burrell, who is an Executive Director of the Group and Chief Risk Officer, already acts as the Technical Director responsible for Advanced Research and Development of Global Invacom and has a depth of knowledge covering the satellite industry. His additional role, managing the co-ordination of the Group’s R&D teams, along with continued dialogue between the Board of Directors and sales teams, will ensure product development is being tailored to meet requirements and match demand in key markets.

Mr Burrell has over 36 years’ experience in radio-frequency design, technical management and corporate management across the consumer electronics, satellite earth station and military communications sectors. A graduate in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton, U.K., he is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

The appointment comes amidst major industry-wide changes which provide new opportunities for Global Invacom, a leading global designer, manufacturer and innovator of satellite ground equipment for broadband and Direct-to-Home (“DTH”) viewing via satellite and Very-Small-Aperture Terminal (“VSAT”) equipment.

Global Invacom, which holds 71 patents and has 49 pending applications, intends to leverage on Mr Burrell’s industry experience to expedite product development amidst increased global adoption of VSAT applications even as the industry undergoes a once-in-a-decade transition to Digital Channel Stacking Switch (“DCSS”) technology.

Tony Taylor, Executive Chairman of Global Invacom, commented: “We are delighted to appoint Malcolm as CTO of Global Invacom. He has been an Executive Director of the Group since 2010 and his first-class understanding of the technologies behind Sat Comms equipment has been instrumental in our ongoing R&D and will ensure that we continue to launch market-leading products to meet the demands and requirements of our customers.

Global Invacom has been improving internal efficiencies and its product pipeline amidst major changes in the operating environment. Even in remote areas, consumers want fast internet access and high-resolution content. To seize these opportunities decisively, we want to tap into the R&D and product leadership of a CTO with the calibre of Malcolm.”