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Further orders for Horizon Technologies’ FlyingFish SIGINT systems

(20 July 2020 - Horizon Technologies) Horizon Technologies has announced £4+ million in additional orders for FlyingFish airborne Sat Phone SIGINT systems to NATO end-users.

The orders consist of a total package including Group A kit, and ILS support for a variety of airborne ISR platforms.

Horizon Technologies CEO John Beckner stated, “Despite Covid-19, our business continues to grow, and these current orders reflect customers moving their SIGINT requirements forward, and getting additional ISR assets into the field more quickly. While details are not in the public domain, our products continue to be part of NATO and EU missions worldwide ranging from refugee rescue, counter terrorism, smuggling & trafficking interdiction, etc. FlyingFish reliability is unsurpassed, and our customers consider FlyingFish as Essential Mission Equipment in all their critical ISR operations.”

Horizon Technologies is still on track to launch its first Amber CubeSat next year, and is working with its UK and international partners on planning for additional launches to commence quickly after Amber-1 is in orbit. Amber is a space-based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) intelligence system, and is part of a public/private partnership with the UK Government. Beckner notes “Our expanding FlyingFish sales are having a very beneficial impact on our Space-Based MDA Data as a Service (DaaS) Amber business.”

Horizon Technologies is the world leader in airborne satellite phone monitoring systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications, equipping governments worldwide by enhancing their Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities. They are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the FlyingFish which is in operation on numerous ISR aircraft worldwide, including NATO and FRONTEX. In 2021, Horizon Technologies, as part of a Public/Private partnership with the UK Government, will be launching the first of their AMBER commercial SIGINT CubeSats to provide customers with an enhanced Maritime Intelligence Data Service.