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Paradigm's SWARMKu Certified for operations on Intelsat's FlexMove satellite network

(27 July 2020 - Paradigm Communication Systems) Paradigm is pleased to announce that their ultra-portable and compact SWARMKu X7 VSAT is now an approved Intelsat Qualified Terminal and fully qualified on the Intelsat FlexMove service.

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(courtesy: Paradigm Communication Systems)

The Intelsat FlexMove managed service is specifically designed to support portable and lightweight terminals such as the SWARM. It enables fast, flexible and secure communications for mobility applications all over the world. In particular, it gives ground forces and emergency responders the mission agility they need to stay connected, however remote their location is, whilst only paying for the data they use.

The field-proven, ‘broadband in a backpack’ SWARM supports the need for rapid transport and setup being IATA compliant, and is PIM Powered for quick and simple pointing and optimised terminal performance.

The PIM controller provides a simple to use interface to the integrated modem, baseband switching, assisted pointing and setup functions for the SWARM and comes with a built-in visual crosshair and audio pointing device. As well as making pointing simple for any user, the PIM can support Power over Ethernet devices and provides a multitude of services to the end user - from VLAN setup and management to smart auto-selecting of AC and DC power interfaces.

FlexMove is powered by Intelsat’s award-winning global Epic high-throughput satellite (HTS) fleet, the world’s largest fixed satellite network, and the IntelsatOne ground network to provide users with a seamless global connectivity experience.

The FlexMove service delivers universal, high-speed satellite connectivity up to 20x faster than legacy MSS solutions for a fraction of the cost. A terminal can be brought online and connected in seconds with the user-friendly service portal.

Jon Godfrey, General Manager at Paradigm commented “the SWARM is easy-to-use and extremely portable, now on FlexMove its high throughput capabilities are available in the remotest locations on affordable and flexible plans.”

Joel Schroeder, Director for Land Mobile at Intelsat said, “the Paradigm SWARM is a great addition to the Intelsat FlexMove network. Designed to power portable and lightweight terminals, such as the SWARM, our ubiquitous, high-throughput FlexMove managed service helps end-users seamlessly and cost-effectively connect with confidence ― even in the most remote or challenging locations.”

About Paradigm

Paradigm is making satcom simple. We provide optimal, innovative and reliable satellite communication and control solutions at a competitive price.

Paradigm is a UK-based, independent and privately owned company with Europe’s largest satcom warehouse. Incorporating an extensive logistics capability, Paradigm is able to deliver extremely efficient and cost-effective global services and unique solutions, from the provision of satcom equipment and terminals to the design and installation of complete turnkey systems.

Paradigm has extensive engineering experience designing, manufacturing and delivering customised satellite terminals and earth stations for a wide range of industries and sectors, developing close relationships with customers, and giving valuable insight into their key requirements.

About Intelsat

As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s largest and most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to connect people, businesses, and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. Intelsat is uniquely positioned to help our customers turn possibilities into reality – transformation happens when businesses, governments, and communities use Intelsat's next-generation global network and managed services to build their connected future.