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Terrasat Communications launches new cyber hardened intelligent BUCs

(27 April 2021 - Terrasat Communications) With over 15 years of engineering premium reliable and superior performance BUCs, Terrasat Communications has released a line of Cyber Hardened Intelligent BUCs to increase satellite ground terminal security for industries who need optimized flexible protection.

The new Cyber Hardened IBUCs arrive at a time in the industry where commercial, military, and government sectors are seeing frequent targeting from nefarious actors compromising satellite system vulnerabilities carrying mission-critical data.

The new IBUCs effectively implement security management control with encrypted authentication, privacy, and access control to assure an end-to-end message transmission delivery by protecting against session hijacks, password attacks, and eavesdropping. Terrasat Communications remains committed to prioritizing tightening security and installing confidence for users navigating the uncertainty in an evolving world.

The Cyber Hardening features are available in IBUC 2, IBUC 2e, IBUC 2G, IBUC R, or IBUC G models. Each IBUC unit undergoes extensive testing at their vertically integrated modern manufacturing facility in California, including a 24–48- hour automated testing protocol over temperature and frequency band. Transparent specifications backed by test data guarantee key performance indicators such as low phase noise, high linearity, & rated output power over temperature. Internal sensors plus a microprocessor with advanced software enable a rich feature set including local & remote management so operators can support SLA while minimizing site maintenance costs.

Terrasat Communications designs and manufactures innovative RF solutions for Satellite Communications systems. Our ground-breaking IBUC-the Intelligent Block Up Converter- brings advanced features and performance to C-band, X-band, Ku-band, & Ka-band satellite earth terminals and VSATs.

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