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MMA Design's HaWK solar arrays power NASA GEO heliophysics mission

(12 May 2021 - MMA Design) MMA Design, under a contract with Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory, is providing High Watts per Kilogram (HaWK) solar arrays for 6 satellites that will be launched just beyond geosynchronous orbit on NASA’s Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) mission.

mma 1

(courtesy: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

SunRISE will consist of six CubeSats, each six units in size, just above geostationary orbit. The six CubeSats, flying in a loose cluster about ten kilometers across, will form a virtual radio telescope to detect and pinpoint emissions from the sun associated with solar storms. Those radio waves cannot be detected on Earth because of interference from the Earth’s ionosphere.

SunRISE is a Mission of Opportunity within the Explorers Program at NASA and the project is managed by JPL.

MMA will leverage its heritage of HaWK arrays that have previously flown on NASA missions including MarCO A and B (in support of the Mars InSight lander) and ASTERIA, as well as DoD and commercial missions including SHARC and SPARC-1. MMA HaWK arrays will also support 5 of the small satellites launching on the first SLS launch later in 2021 including NASA’s LunaH-Map, Lunar Flashlight, Near Earth Asteroid Scout (NEAScout), BioSentinel, and the JAXA EQUULEUS missions.

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